This June edition of our monthly report provides details WIN current APR, drop amounts and our buyback and burn. We will also cover the additions to the platform, updates and provide you with all links to our recent posts that contain important information that was published during June 2021.

Monthly Drops and $WIN APR:

As our current users are aware WINk focuses on wealth redistribution with its users. The daily revenues generated from are shared amongst its token holders.

Holding $WIN token and freezing it under the windrops section of the platform, entitles you to a share of the revenues generated from ALL games played on Each subsection of wink pays a certain percentage to the WINDROP pool, which accumulates throughout a 24 hour period and then distributes the total amount of $TRX $BTT and $USDT once every 24 hours, to its frozen token holders. The APR for $WIN token for the month of June was 13% and the APR for $DICE and $LIVE tokens during the month under review were 43% and 74% respectively. The APRs are computed based on market prices on the first day of the month under review.

Here are the drop amounts for May 2021 vs June 2021:

WINDROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10 million WIN tokens frozen for the month.
May 2021: 200 TRX
June 2021: 720 TRX

DICE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 DICE tokens frozen for the month.
May 2021: 70 TRX
June 2021: 120 TRX

LIVE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 live tokens frozen for the month.
May 2021: 70 TRX
June 2021: 310 TRX

DAU and Platform Traffic:

The DAU recorded in June was up significantly compared with that of the previous month overall. The DAU saw an increase as the platform began to rebound from the downtimes suffered as a result of malicious attacks in the previous month.

New Games Additions, Events and Platform Development

June continued with the recovery of Wink platform following the sustained malicious attacks in the previous month. The full security audit for Wink ecosystem was completed and additional security measures were implemented.

The previous month saw the removal of the sports betting service provider because they were used as an attacking point during the malicious attacks. In June a new sports betting service BETSY SPORTS was launched. The launch was done in time for the EURO 2020 tournament and significant volumes were played during the event.

In June Wink participated in a slot event organised by one of the premium slots providers on Wink platform, YGGDRASIL. Players had the chance to win a total of £80,000 on top of what they could win for playing selected slots from the provider.

Buyback and Burn:

WINk also continued with its buyback and burn for sub-tokens. During the month under review a total of tokens were burnt. The associated transaction hash and the amount of Dice and Live tokens burnt are as follows:

Dice: 2,725,316
Transaction hash: 95939977fdeb9ad6fa724925e1415be6a2ace20c1237531c74b7a7cc9b8fb657

Live: 1,148,939

Transaction Hash: 383916d4b906b5707da13698b26bfa77b8e6cb4c3ade43a71e4738ad08e43a8f

WINk Community Information:



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