WINK Monthly Report for December

4 min readJan 19, 2022

20th Jan 2022


In this December edition of our monthly report, we will provide details on WIN current APR, drop amounts and our buyback and burn. We will also cover additional information with regards to the platform, critical updates and provide you with links to our recent posts that contain essential information that was published during the month of December.

Monthly Drops and $WIN APR:

As our current users are aware, WINk focuses on wealth redistribution with its users. The daily revenues generated from are shared amongst its token holders.

Holding a $WIN token and freezing it under the Windrops section of the platform entitles you to a share of the revenues generated from ALL games played on

Each subsection of wink pays a certain percentage to the WINDROP pool, which accumulates throughout a 24 hour period and then distributes the total amount of $TRX, $BTT and $USDT once every 24 hours to its frozen token holders.

APR for $WIN token for the month of December was 15% and the APR for $DICE and $LIVE tokens during the month under review were 83% and 33% respectively. The APRs are computed based on market prices on the first day of the month under review.

Please be reminded that tokens have to be frozen on before the start of a calendar month, and stay frozen for the entire month. For example, to enjoy August’s drop, your tokens have to be frozen no later than 31st of July. To continue enjoying September’s drop, your tokens must be freeze before the end of August and stay frozen for the entire month of September. The more tokens a user freezes, the more income it generates. We’ve made an easy chart for your reference:

WINDROPS November vs December 2021

Here are the drop amounts for November 2021 vs December 2021:

WINDROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10 million WIN tokens frozen for the month.

November 2021: 710 TRX
December 2021: 870 TRX

DICE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 DICE tokens frozen for the month.

November 2021: 110 TRX
December 2021: 220TRX

LIVE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 live tokens frozen for the month.

November 2021: 171 TRX
December 2021: 80 TRX

DAU and Platform Traffic:

The DAU recorded in December compared favourably with that of the previous month overall. The APR moreover increased marginally during the month under review.

New Games Additions, Events and Platform Development

The WINk ecosystem in December continued with its progress, as was experienced in the previous months to bring down the curtain on 2021. There is renewed optimism among the WINk community on the back of marked improvements over the last few months. WINk continued to add to its impressive list of premium slots by adding 4 more games from Relax Gaming and Hacksaw Gaming in December.

The month under review witnessed the launch of the Inbox feature on the website to improve communication with players. For #WINksters who are not following WINk on Twitter nor Telegram chats, the Inbox is to ensure that they do not miss out on any important information and updates.

December was also a fun month for the Wink community as they participated in the Wink Mascot contest. Community members put their creativity to the test as they created fun Mascots with a template.

For the third month running, WINk added over 100,000 followers on Twitter to reach the 200,000 Twitter following in December. This milestone was marked with the Christmas Icey Dicey event which featured over 140,000 TRX in prizes. The growth of the Wink community was not only experienced with Twitter followers but also with holding addresses as $WIN holders exceeded 800,000 in December.

Buyback and Burn:

WINk team continued with the monthly buyback and burn and the figures for December are as follows:

The Buyback amount — 400,000,000 WIN

Buyback burn hash:

The wager burn pool amount — None

Wager burn hash: NA

The combined total amount of $WIN burned for December is 400,000,000 WIN.

WINk also continued its buyback and burn for sub-tokens. During the month under review a total of 1,880,830 sub-tokens were burnt. The associated transaction hash and the amount of Dice and Live tokens burnt are as follows:

Dice: 909,366

Transaction hash:

Live: 971,464

Transaction Hash: 7420e31a1a91c26c9c43f4d946671073a3d30143e69fe567b96cb98542c3700eNA

This concludes our monthly report for December 2021.

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