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Helpful Links for the Community:

  1. — Calculate your $WIN transaction fees here and for Winklink Oracle whitepaper and information.
  2. — Use the PSM swap tool to swap your USDD.
  3. — Use cases of where $WIN can and will be used. Developers who are developing dApps, are able to use $WIN and the token will be integrated as part of the future GameFi projects.
  4. — To understand more about $APENFT, please visit the site.

$WIN Buyback and Swap Rates:

1 DICE: 124 WIN

1 DICE: 0.017 USDD

1 DICE: 26,987 APENFT

1 LIVE: 149 WIN

1 LIVE: 0.020 USDD

1 LIVE: 32,419 APENFT

Understanding the Swap Formula:

DICE will be swapped to WIN, USDD, APENFT at the proportion of 30%, 20% and 50%.

LIVE will be swapped to WIN, USDD, APENFT at the proportion of 30%, 20% and 50%.


For a user holding 10 DICE, the swap will be as below:

APENFT swap 5 DICE (50%)

WIN swap 3 DICE (30%)

USDD swap 2 DICE (20%)

Respective token swap is based on buyback price

Frequently asked Questions and their answers:

  • Is the project shutting down due to lack of funding?

A: The shutdown of WINk is not due to a lack of, but a reallocation of resources to other GameFi projects on the Tron Blockchain. This executive decision was a difficult one, but it was a conclusion reached after extensive consideration of many factors.

  • Can we swap our tokens? (people who didn’t read beyond the headline)

A: Holders of LIVE and DICE are entitled to swap their tokens equivalent to the amount held before the announcement on 29th Aug 2022. Only wallets created prior to this announcement, will be eligible and whitelisted for the swap. Wallets created after the announcement date will not be eligible.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming token swap.

  • Why can’t we swap RAKE?

A: $RAKE will not be eligible for swap as the utility token is not listed and is a dividend token. It was only obtainable by existing players who had reaped the benefits of the WINk dividend system. Since Rake was introduced to the platform, till date WINk has made a total payout of 15.9m TRX in dividends to players.

  • What about my outstanding bets?

A: All outstanding bets will be settled or refunded after the platform service officially turns down on 5th September 2022 @ 0600 UTC+0

  • Will WinkLink Oracle be closing too?

A: Despite sharing a similar name, the WinkLink Oracle service exists separately from the WINk platform and will not be affected by WINk’s sunset. The oracle exists to facilitate buying of $WIN and manages the token on the exchange.

  • What will happen to the $WIN Token?

A: The $WIN token will not be directly affected, and will continue to be the native token of current and future GameFi Projects (WIN NFT Horse, WIN NFT Hero).

  • Is the shutdown due to loss of market share to competitors?

A: We are not privy to the specific factors that led to the team’s decision. Kindly refrain from speculation of this nature. Every effort is being made to ensure a smooth transition with minimal impact to the $WIN economy.

  • What will happen to the WINk Team?

A: The team will be deployed to assist other projects on the Tron Blockchain so we can continue to help build the Tron Ecosystem. We hope to have everyone’s support on other Tron Projects.

  • What if we cannot get our tokens swapped in time?

A: Depending on the volume remaining, we may try to seek extensions. However, these extensions are not guaranteed so we highly recommend completing the swap process within the stipulated period.

  • What currency can we swap to?

A: If you held any of the abovementioned sub-tokens prior to 29th August, you may swap them for a combination of $WIN, $APENFT and $USDD.

  • Can I swap all my tokens for $USDD only (or other individual tokens)?

A: No, you may not. The swap is for all 3 tokens combined. Of your total swap amount,

30% will be distributed to $WIN, 20% to $USDD and 50% to $APENFT.

  • Will there be a Final Burn announcement during the shutdown?

A: As the monthly burns were dependent on many factors primarily by platform revenue, there will no longer be token burns after the date of this announcement.

  • So can I still play my final rounds after today’s (29th August) announcement?

A: Yes, between today 29th Aug to 5th Sep, the community will be able to unstake and continue to play until the platform’s end of service at 0600 UTC+0, 5th Sept 2022. Sports betting with matches later than 5th Sept will be refunded.

  • What happens if I do not withdraw the funds in my Live Wallet in time?

A: A 10-day grace period starting on 5th September is given to ensure all users have sufficient time to withdraw from the LIVE Wallet to prevent possible losses as the section will be disabled after this period (15th Sept 0600 UTC+0).

  • Why am I unable to swap?

Reasons why the swap can fail:

1. Your account does not have sufficient energy or TRX to burn to complete the transaction.

2. One of our token pool (APENFT, USDD, WIN) is empty.

3. Contract runs out of energy.

4. Wallet is created after the announcement date.

In the case of 2 and 3, come back after a while

In the case of 1, please have enough trx on hand in order to facilitate the swap

For any questions not on this Help Sheet, please reach out to a staff member for help.




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