What is WINkLink?

2 min readOct 7, 2022


Visit: https://winklink.org/#/home


With the sunset of WINk, many has been asking for more information on WINkLink. Below are some Q&A(s) crafted by the WINkLink team to help everyone understand better. If you have a question for the team, please drop it in the comment box below.

Note that WINklink.org is not part of WINk and vice versa. WINklink.org is an Oracle project that has nothing to do with WINk.org.

Q&A (1): What does WINkLink Oracle do?

✔️ Feed stable and reliable price data to DeFi platforms.
✔️ Provide trusted off-chain data for more application scenarios.
✔️ Accelerate TRON Ecosystem building etc.

More use cases can be found [Here].

Q&A (2️): What makes WINkLink Oracle stand out?

✔️ Decentralized oracle can provide more security.
✔️ With TRON Network’s advantages (fast transaction speed, high throughput, stable block output. WINkLink can provide developers with stable and real-time data.)

Q&A (3): What’s WINkLink’s Node Model?

3 Modules:
✔️ External Data Source: Available to the native blockchain.
✔️ WINkLink Node: Run task processing, monitor on-chain contract requests, retrieve external data, and return data results.
✔️ TRON Blockchain: Provide API services.

Q&A (4️): How to build a node on WINkLink Oracle?

Follow these two steps:
#1 Deploy Contract Address [Here].
#2 Deploy Node Code [Here].

More details can be found [Here].

Q&A (5️): Is there an easier way to build a node on WINkLink Oracle?

Yes, via #FluxAggregator contract:
1) Deploy Contract [Here].
2) Deploy Node [Here].

For more information, please visit our [WINklink Developer Documentation].

Q&A (6️): What is WINkLink’s price service?

The service focuses on digital currency pairs, known as Price Feed Contract. By aggregating the prices of multiple WINkLink Oracle nodes, it provides DApps with accurate and stable price data of real-world digital currencies.

(More Q&A sessions will be compiled into this article as the WINkLink team releases more information.)

Here are the social links to connect with the WINkLink Community:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WinkLink_Oracle
Telegram: https://t.me/WINkLink_Oracle_official
Website: https://winklink.org/#/home




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