What can I do with my $WIN?

3 min readOct 20, 2022

Wink.org may have ceased operations, but the Wink Token ($WIN) continues to operate as an Oracle and GameFi token for existing and upcoming projects. Here’s a quick breakdown on what you can do with your $WIN.

  1. Trade it

At time of writing, $WIN is currently listed on over 30 established platforms.

Mostly recently, it has also seen listings on

, and .

2. Stake it

$WIN Holders have the option to stake their tokens for passive income on the following platforms (APY subject to change over time) :

Justlend — 12.13% APY

Poloniex — 8% APY (Do note that this will be adjusted on 25th October)

Sunio (WIN-USDT LP) — ~13.05% — 13.71% APY

Sunio (WIN-TRX LP)- ~8.30% –8.65% APY

PancakeSwap (WIN-BUSD) — 8.08% APY

Do note that the figures are accurate at time of writing, but may fluctuate over time.

3. Make Purchases on WIN NFT Hero’s Marketplace

WIN NFT Hero is currently in its open beta phase, and uses the $WIN Token as the native token in the WIN NFT Hero Marketplace. You can purchase limited-time Mystery boxes or Heroes that will help further your adventure in this NFT-based Idle-RPG.

List and sell powerful companions to help on your Journey.

For a greater boost to your progress, you can also recharge your stash of EPT, an in-game currency required for many upgrades and functions.

Use $WIN to give yourself a leg up

4. HODL for upcoming GameFi projects

The use cases for $WIN will continue to increase as more GameFi projects are developed on the Tron Blockchain Ecosystem. In addition to WIN NFT Hero, users can also look forward to WIN NFT Football. Follow them on Twitter to be kept abreast of updates.

Do also remember to follow the Wink official Twitter and Telegram channels, where we will be sharing the most updated information on Token Swaps, the WIN token and the Tron Blockchain Ecosystem in general.




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