Notice of WINk Sunset

3 min readAug 29, 2022

Dear WINksters,

It has been a good many years with the community and we are grateful to all who have helped us grow over the years, especially our supporters from the Tronbet days.

Through the efforts of the investors, players and especially WINfluencers, has achieved multiple milestones in a short period.

However, as of today, we would like to announce that an executive decision has been made to strengthen the native $WIN token by phasing out sub-tokens (including DICE, LIVE and RAKE) and to cease the platform’s operations.

In the process, we will also focus on reallocating resources to expand the usage of $WIN by joining forces with other GameFi projects in the Tron Ecosystem, such as WINNFTHERO, WINNFTHORSE, WINNFTFOOTBALL, ApeNFT, other Tron dApps and future projects.

We regret to inform the community that will be ceasing its operations w.e.f. 5 September, 2022, 0600 AM (UTC+0).

While we are saddened to have to announce this decision, we hope to still work together with the community on current and future projects that will continue to utilize $WIN, which remains a key token in the Tron GameFi ecosystem.

The WINkLink Oracle team will continue to operate and support the token to reach greater heights.

Do take note that all wallets holding $DICE and $LIVE at the time of this announcement have been listed as eligible for a token swap for the amount held prior to 29th August. Wallets created after the announcement date will not be eligible for this swap.

$DICE and $LIVE token holders will be able to swap their tokens for a combination of WIN, USDD and APENFT at the proportion of 30%, 20% and 50% respectively. The specific rates are as follows:

Dice conversion rate
Live conversion rate
  • Respective token swaps are based on buyback price
Sample DICE swap based on Holdings of 100 DICE.
Sample LIVE swap based on Holdings of 100 LIVE.

Please begin to unfreeze your tokens on starting today, and proceed to withdraw all tokens from the LIVE wallet before 06:00 AM UTC+0 Sep 15 to prevent possible losses (Do note that the verification process from the game vendors will still apply for new accounts and big winnings).

Please ensure that you have enough energy/TRX in your wallet to guarantee a successful swap. Rates will be displayed on the swap page when it goes live. Swap will begin in September 2022. The exact date has been pushed back, but will still be within the month. An announcement on the new date will follow.

All games will be suspended from 5th September at 6.00am UTC+0, and any bets received after the platform is taken offline will be refunded. Any outstanding bets, issues and refunds will also be settled after this date. Reach out to our admins on Telegram for more information.

You may also refer to this FAQ page for more information.

Thank you for all your support of WINk.

Team WINk




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