Community Event: Dive Into Discord

20th May 2022

The long-awaited Wink Community Discord is now Live! Introducing our official forum where #WINksters can gather to ask questions, get help, swap tips and simply hang out. To celebrate the launch, we’re hosting a giveaway with a 12,000 TRX Prize Pool and a special Mystery Prize!

The Event will run for 2 weeks, from 20/5/2022 until 3/6/20222 0000hrs UTC+0

Join the Discord and connect with WINksters all over the world to be eligible for the prize pool!

Event Rules

All users who fulfill the following will be eligible to win from the prize pool

  • Join the official Wink Community Discord
  • Retweet the event Twitter post or reply on Facebook or Instagram with the Discord handle you joined with, for the team to identify you.
  • Interact meaningfully within the event duration by asking or answering a question.

There will also be a running AMA/Q&A on all topics related to WINk during the event duration. The team will pick the best questions to answer in the dedicated Community-help Channel starting from 4th June 2022.

Event Prizes: 40 Winners + Mystery Prize

40 Winners will be selected in total.

  • 30 winners who fulfill the event criteria will be randomly selected to win 200 TRX each (~15 USDT).
  • Out of the questions picked to be answered by the team, 10 users will be chosen to win 600 TRX each (~50 USDT).
  • An exciting Mystery Prize will be given out in the middle of the event. Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out to see when it drops, and how to win (This prize is a separate mechanic and can also be won by one of the final 40 winners).

Winners will be notified via Discord to confirm their Tronlink wallet addresses, and rewards sent directly to their Tronlink Wallets at the end of the Event.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each user can only win this event ONCE during the event period (Replying on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the same Discord handle will not make you eligible for 3 attempts).
  • WINk reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel this event at any time without prior notice.
  • The WINk team reserves the right to define ‘meaningful interaction’ in the context of picking winners.

Join the party and Win with WINKY!

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