Bingo Ringo Event Winners

Apr 27, 2022


27th Apr 2022

Congratulations to the winners of our Bingo Ringo event!

In this #WINkEvent, we have 3 Grand winners who led the race to the top 3 on the leaderboards, and 10 Lucky Winners who have completed the board at least once.

The top 3 Winners!

The following are the addresses of the top 3 winners and associated transaction hashes.

And here are the 10 lucky Bingo Players who have won themselves 5000 TRX each!

We hope you had a stellar time completing that Bingo! But hold on to your hats — the next #WINkEvent is just around the corner. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for even more upcoming events and giveaways!

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